Why are addicts in conflict with their loved ones

Addiction is a powerful and obsessive health disorder that can cause rifts between addicts and their loved ones. If care isn’t taken, the rift can cause much damage in their relationships that could remain a permanent scar.

One of the reasons why addicts are regularly in conflict with their loved ones is due to lack of understanding. Many loved ones fail to understand that getting addicted is not entirely the patient’s fault.

When addiction is in play, it can be hard to control because the individual is focused on pleasing their brain’s reward system by fueling their addiction. From the addict’s view, they feel their loved ones don’t understand them.

Thoughtful man lighting cigarette in room

Since addiction comes with a certain type of stigma, many addicts prefer to keep to themselves so that they don’t get judged for their healthy habits.

This is one of the reasons why addicts feel demotivated to visit an addiction treatment center because they have the impression that they will get treated the same way.

Hence, many of them prefer to wallow in their addiction hoping to break free soon.

If they get admitted to a rehab by any chance, the counselor and therapist in charge have to work towards mending the rift between the addict and their family.

The presence of loved ones in addiction treatment is often unrecognized and underrated. An addict needs a solid support system to fight off addiction. And having their loved ones around them provides this luxury.

During recovery, an addict’s loved ones provide encouragement, love, care and the fortitude to keep pushing till they are certified to be addiction-free.

After addiction treatment, the role of loved ones isn’t completed yet. They have a primary responsibility to ensure that the addict implements healthy habits that would not trigger their addiction.

Provided an addict maintains a cordial relationship with their loved ones, it would be easy for them to seek help and finally break free from addiction.

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