Grunge image of a depressed drug addict looking at a syringe and drugs

It could be weird to hear some people mention that they feel like taking their own lives. Then, we often wonder what could be the cause of such statements, if we inquire deeply we would discover that such person is going through situations which are termed as unimaginable and most times excruciating. Someone who wants to commit suicide simply has the intents to take one’s life through any means possible. Suicide is commonly regarded as an offensive subject of discourse, making people unnerved to talk about it. It has also prevented people with suicidal thoughts from sharing it with others.

Suicide attempts can be either planned out or decided upon in the heat of the moment, and hardly would you see a suicide attempt which involves more than one person, except if they are members of a particular group or cult. When two or more people make an agreement to commit suicide, it is referred to as a suicide pact. Now, one fact about suicide remains that, those who attempt suicide do not do so because they simply want to die, a suicide attempt is done in a bid to end one’s pain or suffering. They usually have the feeling that hopeless situations cannot get better.

Those with suicidal thoughts can be helped if they have someone to talk about it. It is important for us to take statements about suicide very seriously, even if it is spelled out in a joking manner. Also, those who frequently speak about suicide should rarely be left alone, and dangerous items should be removed from their paths. This category of people should not be left unwatched until they can get help.

If it is noticed that they frequently take alcohol and drugs more than usual, then there is an urgent need to caution them and if possibly stop them from doing so.

People who want to attempt suicide need help and hence, they should also be encouraged to talk to a health professional who would be able to follow them up. With time, if all goes well, they would be surprised to imagine that they have snapped out of whatever difficult situation they were passing through prior to their thoughts of committing suicide.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the world, and it is an important task to make conscious efforts to reduce it in every possible way.

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