When we talk about addiction, one fear that comes upon us is what if it leads to death? Someone who is addicted to drugs could either face mental issues or commit suicide, depending on the rate of drug or substance overdose. Most of the known suicide ways recorded states that these people hurt themselves by either cutting themselves with sharp objects and bleed out or choke on these drugs.

There is a co-existing relationship between Suicide and Addiction, hence, treatment is similar. Currently in the United States, the major causes of suicide are addiction and depression. About 80 % of citizens have died as a result of depression and several other mood disorders, while 75 % have died as a result of addiction. However, about 40 to 60 % are faced with depression and addiction at the same time and have fallen victims of suicide.

While addiction is the first-leading cause of suicide, poisoning is the third-leading cause and depression is the tenth-leading cause of suicide in the U.S. For suicide attempts through addiction, some drugs which are responsible for suicide attempts or risk include; heroin, opium, oxycodone, etc.

In addition, alcohol has its role to play in suicide attempts. For someone who takes alcohol in order to reduce stress and depression, he or she faces the risk of ending his or her life than expected. Death may not be as a result of the substance itself but the mental state it puts one would take several actions which could ultimately result to death e.g. someone who is completely drunk and drives could end his or her life while driving because he or she is not sane at that moment.

Also, it is important to say this: “people who addicted to a kind of substance that poses health risk have a 99% of killing themselves if not treated sooner”. Below are different ways to prevent suicide attempts through addiction to substances;

1. Visit to Rehab: If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, a rehab is the best place to be in order to be fixed to a better state. The rehab makes you adapt and survive without having to use these substances. It allows self-reflection as well.

2. Education and Family support: Make sure you are surrounded by loved ones. People tend to become addicted or suicidal with either a bad company or alone. If you are having suicidal thoughts, keep yourself busy. Also, get yourself busy with how to overcome addiction and dangers of committing suicide.

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