The concept of suicide and the risk factors

Suicide is defined as the process of taking one’s life by self-induced actions or help from an external party. The concept of suicide is a personal decision, and there are plethora of reasons why an individual would want to take his or her life.

Before a person resorts to suicide, there are some warning signs that the person displays which portends that the individual is about to take his or her life. Hence, it is important to always look out for your loved ones if they’re displaying any of these signs.

Risk factors are also known as warning signs and some of them are listed below.

  • Talking about hopelessness: When an individual is always talking about how hopeless or dejected they are, there is a tendency that they might commit suicide. For people like this, it is vital not to leave them all by themselves.
  • Talking about no reason to live: People who are susceptible to committing suicide always talk about how unpleasant life is, and how they are tired of it. It would not be surprising if people like this commit suicide because they have been giving warning signs all along.
  • Engaging in excessive substance abuse: If you find someone who excessively consumes alcohol and drugs, there is a big chance that they are contemplating suicide. One reason why suicide prospects abuse alcohol and drugs is because, they want to forget all what they are going through.

They see these substances as a means of escape. Hence, they commit fully to it.

  • Anger/ Seeking revenge: Although, it depends on the temperament of the individual, people who often seek revenge are likely to commit suicide. In their quest to take revenge on people who have hurt them, they end up doing this that drives them to committing suicide.
  • Extreme anxiety: Someone who is extremely agitated or anxious is clearly afraid of something or suffering from a mental health problem. And there is a likely chance that the individual would commit suicide to escape from what they are afraid of.  

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