Suicide is the intentional act of taking one’s life based on individual doings. Suicide due to addiction are among the major problems which are induced by alcohol and drugs.

When someone is addicted to either drugs or alcohol, there are some side effects and dire consequences which comes with it. In all countries, drugs and alcohol are major contributors to violence.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs does not just end with the adverse effects which it has on a country, it also majorly influences suicide.

Suicide happens dramatically, unexpected, and most times we wonder why the individual resorted to ending his or her life.

There is no known single cause of addiction, rather there are factors which result in addiction.

One of the major causes of suicide being committed by addicts, is mental health problems.

Now, in the first place, the presence of mental health problems could be the reason why they started abusing substances and became addicted eventually.

When they started at first, they probably felt those substances would help them get over their problems. However, it became impossible in the long run.

When the individual comes to realize that those mental health problems still linger on, and he or she is still an addict. The next possible line of action is to take their lives.

This would seem like the best solution for them. In addition, another cause could be history of violence in the family.

Not everyone comes from a peaceful home, and not every member of the family has the mental capacity to deal with the problems which arise as a result of violence in the home.

Therefore, the person could become addicted in the process, and suicide would most likely occur in the long run if the person does not seek treatment.

Addicts need to be given hope that they can get better irrespective of how severe their addiction is. It is a known fact that as addicts, thoughts of committing suicide would cross their minds at every point.

However, with the help of a therapist or a counselor, he or she would be able to pull through and conquer this phase.

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