Suicide is referred to as the act of intentionally taking one’s own life through one’s own actions. There are different causes of suicide, and one of the major cause is Addiction. Addicts are at a high risk of suicide because of the want to end whatever addiction which has controlled them so far.

Addiction is a well-known mental health problem, and suicide is usually one of the foremost options which addicts turn to. The fact is people who commit suicide eventually, did not do so because they want to die, they carried out the act because they simply want to end the pain. So, if someone around you frequently talks about suicide without any reasons for wanting to commit it, such person might be going through something really serious, and it would not be surprising if it is an addiction.

People who want to commit suicide can go as far as surfing the web for different ways to die, or they could also resort to the use of various substances around them such as using a knife, gun or an overdose of some pills.
The following are possible signs of someone who is about to commit suicide:

1. Speaks about death quite often
2. Making plans for his or her loved ones after they are gone
3. Starts to avoid people, always giving excuses for not being present for functions which they would normally attend
4. Always in despair
5. Mood swings
6. Insomnia
7. Enhanced intake of drugs and alcohol
8. Carrying out of reckless acts

It is advisable to take all the warning signs of suicide seriously, as you could be saving a life without you knowing. Addicts who always consider suicide as a first option are usually easy to spot, and they can be easily convinced provided they have someone to talk to; someone who would help ease their pain by simply listening to them and proffering feasible solutions. For addicts, breaking free from an addiction is not something which can be done immediately, it is a gradual process which they need a professional to pull through. Most addicts are fond of trying to tolerate an addiction with the hope that it would leave them someday. If an addict is not attended to or has no one to turn to for help, the end might be disastrous, which in some cases, could be suicide.


When we talk about addiction, one fear that comes upon us is what if it leads to death? Someone who is addicted to drugs could either face mental issues or commit suicide, depending on the rate of drug or substance overdose. Most of the known suicide ways recorded states that these people hurt themselves by either cutting themselves with sharp objects and bleed out or choke on these drugs.

There is a co-existing relationship between Suicide and Addiction, hence, treatment is similar. Currently in the United States, the major causes of suicide are addiction and depression. About 80 % of citizens have died as a result of depression and several other mood disorders, while 75 % have died as a result of addiction. However, about 40 to 60 % are faced with depression and addiction at the same time and have fallen victims of suicide.

While addiction is the first-leading cause of suicide, poisoning is the third-leading cause and depression is the tenth-leading cause of suicide in the U.S. For suicide attempts through addiction, some drugs which are responsible for suicide attempts or risk include; heroin, opium, oxycodone, etc.

In addition, alcohol has its role to play in suicide attempts. For someone who takes alcohol in order to reduce stress and depression, he or she faces the risk of ending his or her life than expected. Death may not be as a result of the substance itself but the mental state it puts one would take several actions which could ultimately result to death e.g. someone who is completely drunk and drives could end his or her life while driving because he or she is not sane at that moment.

Also, it is important to say this: “people who addicted to a kind of substance that poses health risk have a 99% of killing themselves if not treated sooner”. Below are different ways to prevent suicide attempts through addiction to substances;

1. Visit to Rehab: If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, a rehab is the best place to be in order to be fixed to a better state. The rehab makes you adapt and survive without having to use these substances. It allows self-reflection as well.

2. Education and Family support: Make sure you are surrounded by loved ones. People tend to become addicted or suicidal with either a bad company or alone. If you are having suicidal thoughts, keep yourself busy. Also, get yourself busy with how to overcome addiction and dangers of committing suicide.


It is no news that people who suffer an addiction to either drugs or alcohol are posing a lot of threats to their health. Addiction is a state where withdrawal almost becomes impossible; and for someone who is addicted to a particular type of substance, suicide or death is inevitable if not properly treated or corrected.

While suicide is a state of ending one’s life through actions, addiction is a state one gets to when there is prolong use of a substance. Addiction and suicide co-exist together; for someone who is addicted to drugs like Heroin, he or she could face a lot of suicide risks like suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt or even suicide.

According to research, addiction brings about depression and ultimately suicide. About 90% of suicide cases in the U.S. have been as a result of depression. Further research shows that most victims who are depressed are often addicted to a kind of substance or drug to keep him or her stable. In no time, he or she would end his or her own life if drugs are no more effective.

The most common type of drug addiction which have recorded a lot of deaths over the past few years is Opioid addiction. Statistics showed that over 30,000 Americans died from the use of Opioid in 2015 and ever since then, the rate has been on the increase.

Most of this opioid addicts died as a result of suicidal thoughts or drug abuse or depression. Opioid has a negative effect on thoughts and actions. For instance, people who use Opioid have a 40 to 60 % chance of having suicidal thoughts and if not helped, may result to ending their own lives. Also, further research explained that people who use opioid or hard drugs with syringe and injections are 13 times possible to end their own lives.

In addition, the probability of men who use hard drugs like Opioid and become victims of suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt and suicide generally is greater than the probability of women who become victims. No one has been addicted to drugs and have never faced a suicidal episode before, it is the usual norm and such a person needs help before it’s too late.

In conclusion, we can save a majority of addicts if rehabilitation centers are provided and they are closely monitored. The aim of these rehabilitation centers is to make them stay clean and ensure depression, anxiety is well-treated. With this help being provided, suicide via addiction would most likely reduce.


Suicidal tendencies are not limited to any age, both children and adults are facing the risk. However, there are various reasons why people would want to commit suicide asides being addicted to drugs. It could be a psychological phase that needs urgent medical or psychological attention.

For children or teenagers who have suicidal tendencies, a psychiatrist or psychologist is recommended to assess such person’s mental state. For adults, a mental analysis is carried out and daily activities by such person will be recorded. Either ways, mental and physical state of these patients are assessed carefully.

To treat patients with suicidal tendencies, treatment is in 3 folds;

1. Diagnosis: The first thing to be done by any medical practitioner is to diagnose the patient. The patient’s mental and physical state is important in order to know what to be administered or treated. A patient could actually be suffering from either addiction to drugs or depression, hence, the reason for suicidal thoughts.
Mental State: Suicidal thoughts could be as a result of a patient’s mental health and if this is the case, such person should be referred to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Physical State: Suicidal thoughts could also be as a result of a patient’s physical health and for this to be properly treated, blood samples would be required for testing.

Alcohol and Drugs: This is the most common factor that enhances suicidal thoughts. Many patient misuse drugs and alcohol all in the sake of reducing stress and depression. Your Doctor would assess your alcohol and drug use before knowing what type of treatment to put you on.

Medications: Some drugs or medications give suicidal feelings. These drugs are often sold over-the-counter and if this is the case, complete withdrawal will be advised.

2. Emergency treatment: For someone who is about to have a suicide attempt or at the risk of harming oneself, it is important to dial an emergency number or have someone call on your behalf. A patient will be treated accordingly in the emergency room.

3. Non-emergency treatment: For someone who is having suicidal tendencies or thoughts but not in a crisis yet, such person would need the following treatment to reduce the risk;

Psychotherapy: This treatment involves psychological counseling or treatment to help reduce suicidal thoughts.

Medications: Drugs like Anti-depressants could be administered to also help reduce suicide risk.

Treatment for Addiction: Addiction is an important factor for suicide. With the aid of rehabilitation centers, addiction could be treated properly.

Education and Family support: Lastly, being educated about the dangers of suicide is important. Being supported or surrounded by loved ones could also help reduce suicide tendencies.


Grunge image of a depressed drug addict looking at a syringe and drugs

It could be weird to hear some people mention that they feel like taking their own lives. Then, we often wonder what could be the cause of such statements, if we inquire deeply we would discover that such person is going through situations which are termed as unimaginable and most times excruciating. Someone who wants to commit suicide simply has the intents to take one’s life through any means possible. Suicide is commonly regarded as an offensive subject of discourse, making people unnerved to talk about it. It has also prevented people with suicidal thoughts from sharing it with others.

Suicide attempts can be either planned out or decided upon in the heat of the moment, and hardly would you see a suicide attempt which involves more than one person, except if they are members of a particular group or cult. When two or more people make an agreement to commit suicide, it is referred to as a suicide pact. Now, one fact about suicide remains that, those who attempt suicide do not do so because they simply want to die, a suicide attempt is done in a bid to end one’s pain or suffering. They usually have the feeling that hopeless situations cannot get better.

Those with suicidal thoughts can be helped if they have someone to talk about it. It is important for us to take statements about suicide very seriously, even if it is spelled out in a joking manner. Also, those who frequently speak about suicide should rarely be left alone, and dangerous items should be removed from their paths. This category of people should not be left unwatched until they can get help.

If it is noticed that they frequently take alcohol and drugs more than usual, then there is an urgent need to caution them and if possibly stop them from doing so.

People who want to attempt suicide need help and hence, they should also be encouraged to talk to a health professional who would be able to follow them up. With time, if all goes well, they would be surprised to imagine that they have snapped out of whatever difficult situation they were passing through prior to their thoughts of committing suicide.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the world, and it is an important task to make conscious efforts to reduce it in every possible way.